PitWatch.org is the Web version of PITWATCH, published periodically by the Berkeley Pit Public Education Committee for the purpose of educating Butte residents, students and visitors about the Berkeley Pit and related issues. The Committee welcomes your questions and comments.

The content of PITWATCH is largely driven by community interest in specific topics. See below for contact information, or email questions regarding the Pit to info@pitwatch.org. 

In the pages of PITWATCH and on this website, you can find answers to common questions about the Pit, historical information, how the groundwater systems around the Pit work, plus current water-level measurements for key monitoring spots.

Back Issues of PitWatch Available

If you want more information about the Berkeley Pit and mine flooding issues, back issues of PITWATCH are available. Content from all back issues is posted on this website, and hard copies are available at the Berkeley Pit Viewing Stand, the Butte Visitors Center, and a wide variety of businesses around Butte, Montana. Hard copies are also available by request: send an email to info@pitwatch.org.

The Record of Decision (ROD, 1994) and Consent Decree (CD, 2002) for the Berkeley Pit and surrounding flooded underground mine works (the Butte Mine-Flooding Operable Unit) are available for review. Review copies are available at the following locations:

  • Montana Tech Library
    1300 W. Park
    Butte, MT 59701
  • Butte EPA Office 
County Courthouse (Basement)
    155 W. Granite
    Butte, MT 59701

Digital copies can be downloaded from the PitWatch website using the links below:

Digital copies can also be downloaded directly from the EPA using the links below:

Berkeley Pit Public Education Committee

Local residents make up half of this volunteer group, with other members drawn from entities directly involved with the Pit Project. The Committee’s work is staffed by Butte-Silver Bow County and funded by Atlantic Richfield Co. (also known as BP-ARCO) and Montana Resources as part of their responsibilities under the EPA Record of Decision for the Berkeley Pit site.


  • Brian Park
  • Bobbi Stauffer
  • Joe Griffin
  • Dave Isakson (Chair)
  • Jim Jonas
  • Helen Joyce
  • Carol Link
  • Josh Peck
  • Debbie Smith


  • Time Hilmo (BP-ARCO)
  • Marci Sheehan (BP-ARCO)
  • Julia Crain (BSB)
  • Jon Sesso (BSB)
  • John Sorich (BSB)
  • Arlene Alvarado (CFWEP)
  • Rayelynn Connole (CFWEP)
  • Colleen Elliott (CTEC)
  • Nikia Greene (EPA)
  • Sara Sparks (EPA)
  • Justin Ringsak (Consultant)
  • Ted Duaime (MBMG)
  • Gary Icopini (MBMG)
  • Daryl Reed (MTDEQ)
  • Mark Thompson (Montana Resources)

Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (CFWEP) logoMontana Bureau of Mines & GeologyWith assistance from the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program, www.cfwep.org, and the Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology, www.mbmg.mtech.edu.