Current sampling indicates that the water quality is significantly different in the two pits. The pH of the water in the Continental Pit is about 6.5-7.0, which is much more neutral than the water in the Berkeley Pit, which has a pH of about 2.5. Also, the levels of arsenic, copper and cadmium are many times less in the Continental Pit water.

In the future, as part of the reclamation effort, the Continental Pit water will likely require some management to sustain water levels and treatment to remove metals. However, that treatment should be less costly and less complicated compared to the Berkeley Pit.

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  1. Joe Griffin says:

    Regarding the Continental Pit – groundwater in the bedrock aquifer below the Continental Pit drains to the Berkeley Pit and will continue to do so as long as the critical water level is maintained. In other words, Continental Pit water will automatically be part of the Horseshoe Bend treatment.

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